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Say hello to my pup!  Like many pups, she is curious, energetic and very, very smart! She is a lover of the outdoors, whether it means just going on a short walk, a long hike, or anything in between. The only problem is, she has so much energy that traditional leashes get tangled up and regular leash clasps come undone. What she really needed was a safe, reliable leash that is as fun, flexible and adventurous as the pup it was designed for. So the question was, how do you prevent a pup from getting into so much mischief on adventures? Well, the answer is, you don't! Instead, you create a new approach to leashes. The first leash was handcrafted, using a locking carabiner with swivel. This type of closure allows for a reliable and secure leash that is comfortable for both owner and pup. Knowing that all pups deserve something built for their unique character, HiPUP was born.


The HiPUP brand was created to meet the needs of the fun, adventurous, unique personality of all the pups and humans that needed a more functional and safe way to travel. Designed in Hawaii, each product was created using fun, cheerful styles, and colors to match your pups' individual personalities. The only question left is what meets your unique personality?

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